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Helping Impact People

Bhip One was founded in 2011 as an association of Bhip countries. Michael Sarfelt, a very successful Distributor in the industry of Direct Sales, teamed up with the founder of Bhip Global, Terry LaCore, to fulfill their vision of turning Bhip into a Billion-Dollar Company.

The aim has always been to impact people’s lives by encouraging them to lead healthier lifestyles, while earning extra income. With hard work and dedication, Bhip Distributors from all around the world are making their dreams of a prosperous future and a comfortable lifestyle become a reality.

The Bhip One concept is based on decades of experience in the industry, and a proved system with incredible promotions, recognitions and conventions. We firmly believe in rewarding our most hard-working and dedicated Distributors as a way of providing them with extra motivation to continue on the mission of developing their businesses.

The results have been phenomenal. Countries in the Bhip One association have had a revenue growth of 200% in last two years. A dedicated corporate team works closely with our forward-thinking local leaders on making Bhip One become a stronger and more solid company each day.

Our goal is not limited to providing first-class products to the marketplace. We also offer a second-to-none business opportunity to our Distributors through ongoing growth and progress. Our priority is to constantly improve our products, facilities and tools in existing markets; as well as expand into many other new markets.

By joining Bhip One you will be a part of something bigger than yourself, where you can make lifelong friends and work with the people you personally choose. Starting your own business at Bhip One will give you more freedom than you will ever imagine.

CEO Middle East 
Allan Nielsen


Allan Nielsen was a professional football player for 18 years at the highest international level. He played in the German Bundesliga and Premierleague, representing his country, Denmark, at Worlds Cups and European Championship. He was named player of the Year in 1996 and holds the degree Master coach in NLP.

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